Ability is what you’re capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it. 
-Lou Holtz


  • (Current PR) 2014 Chicago Marathon-Chicago, IL 4:43:14
  • (Current PR) 2014 Rock n Sole 1/2 marathon-Milwaukee, WI 2:03:54
  • 2014 Women Rock Chicago 1/2 marathon-Chicago, IL 2:10:33
  • 2014 Get Lucky 1/2 marathon-Chicago, IL 2:18:03
  • 2013 Chicago Marathon-Chicago, IL 5:07:41
  • 2013 Zooma Women’s Race Series 1/2 marathon-Chicago, IL 2:10:00
  • 2013 Summerfest Quarter Marathon-Milwaukee, WI. 1:03:17
  • 2012 Hot Chocolate 5K-Chicago, IL. 34:46.  My first race back from having Madelyn.
  • 2011 Lake Country 1/2 MarathonOconomowoc, WI. 2:25:37. Another 1/2 marathon ran on a whim.  You thought I would’ve learned the first time.  I was over at my best friend’s house one day and she told me that she was training for her first 1/2 marathon and talked me into running it with her.  I had already missed out on a few weeks of training and I was still feeling the effects of an ankle sprain that I had suffered from 4 months  prior.  I probably should’ve sat this one out, but I wanted to keep myself in shape after our wedding, so I ran it anyway.  I was not prepared, not mentally or physically.  I remember laying in bed the morning of and hearing the thunderstorm outside.  I prayed that they would cancel the race so that I wouldn’t have to run it.  That was a first for me and from that day on I promised myself that I would never run that long of a distance without being prepared first.  I woke up and ran it and did better than I thought I would.  Still…the itch is there: I know I can do better.  I can run faster.  
  • 2010 Haunted Hustle 1/2 Marathon Middleton, WI. 2:25:26.  The race to redeem myself.  I knew that after running my first 1/2 marathon that I could do better.  I could run faster.  I decided to run with a friend of mine who was running a 1/2 for the first time.  This time I followed a training program and I improved my time drastically.  It was a tough course.  I wasn’t used to the hills (Chicago is very flat for running) and I was used to having lots of scenery.  This was my first time running in rural Wisconsin and I realize that I like having things to distract me when I’m running.  There’s nothing like the energy that comes from the crowd cheering you on in a big city race.    
  • 2010 Chicago Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon – 3:12:02. My first ever 1/2 marathon.  The 2nd race I ran with my sister.  I underestimated the importance of following a training plan-I can tell by my time and the fact that my whole body felt like it was hit by a truck the next day.  The heat was pretty bad and volunteers were passing out ice cold sponges toward the end of the race.  Melissa and I kept pace with each until about mile 6 and then she urged me to go ahead without her.  I ran by myself for a few miles and at the mile 10 marker I decided to wait and run the rest with her.  I waited and waited.  Finally, when I didn’t see her, I went ahead without her.  Just as I was crossing the finish line, I saw the back of a very familiar head: it was Melissa, just steps in front of me!  We high-fived and hugs each other as we both finished our first 1/2 marathon.

  • 2010 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k (PR) – 53:42. The race I bought my Garmin for.  I trained for this when I was stationed in Biloxi MS for tech school training.  I persuaded my sister to sign up with me and together we completed our first race together.  We woke up that morning to sleet & snow, looked at each other, shrugged and went ahead and did it anyway.  Afterward, we treated ourselves to brunch at Orange.
  • 2009 Turkey Trot 8K –  55:34. LC and I ran this race in Lincoln Park, one of my favorite spots to run in Chicago.  It was the first race that we’ve ever done together and it was right before I spent my first Thanksgiving ever with his family. This was by far one of my favorite races.
  • 2008 Nike Human Race 10k – 1:08:22. My first race ever.  I had just moved to Chicago the a few months before.  LC was being shipped off to Afghanistan and I was all alone in a new city, 2 hours away from my family and friends.  I signed up for this race as a distraction and something to do in my free time.  It ended up being a wondering distraction and the beginning of a hobby that I love.

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