Pregnancy, Delivery & all things wonderful

We’re Pregnant!
10 weeks
Week 11-What we’re reading
Week 12-Almost Normal
Week 13-Work it Out
Week 14-Let’s Snoogle
Week 15-Birthing Class
*Week 16 was skipped due to life getting in the way 🙂
Week 17-Busting into Maternity Clothes
Week 18-It’s All about Nutrition
Week-19-Woah Belly!
Week 20-The halfway point
*Week 21 skipped due to moving and loss of a laptop 😦
Week 22-Baby’s First Baseball game
Week 23-Short and Sweet
Week 24-The Hospital Deets
Week 25-Nursery Inspiration
Week 26-Random Bits
Week 27-My first DIY project for the nursery
Week 28-Hello 3rd Trimester
Week 29-Baby C’s Chicago Shower
Week 30-Maternity Pics by Olga
Week 31-Showered with Love
Week 32-A Door County Babymoon
Week 33-Choosing to be Team Green
Week 34-Staying Active While Pregnant
Week 35-Random Thoughts of Pregnancy
Week 36-Getting Ready for D-Day
37.5 weeks
38.5 Weeks-A Nursery Tour
Birth Story Part 1
Birth Story Part 2

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