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11 Months-Teetering Along

Late to the monthy update party yet again.  To say we’ve been busy in the corner of this universe would be an understatement.  Between being back to work, marathon training, gardening, planning birthday parties, and enjoying our summer I’m left with very little time for anything else.  We’re coming up on our last month of her being considered a “baby”… Continue reading 11 Months-Teetering Along

Madelyn · The 1st year · Uncategorized

Upsy Daisy, Happy Baby

5 months already? How did that happen?  It’s crazy to think that soon we’ll be celebrating her first birthday-which I’ve already started planning out in my head. Sleep.  We’re still going strong with averaging about 10-12 hours at a time.  Winning. We honestly hit the jackpot with this kid and sleep.  She’s a little mover… Continue reading Upsy Daisy, Happy Baby